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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique' Favorite Beauty Products/Tools

I've come across quite a bit of hair products/tools in my years of doing hair.  Some hair product I'll use for a period of time, then move on and try other new hair products that are being introduced new to the market. But, the ones I'm featuring today have stuck with me over the years and have become favorites for me to use not only on myself but alot of my clients.
They are also favorites of my daughters Lacey and McKenzie.
The Hittle Women do realize that having dependable hair products and tools to enhance our outer beauty only helps in keeping our inner beauty shining bright.

See~look how beautiful they are~see that inner beauty shining??
I do

Our Favorites
First the product

Aquage Beyond Shine is an advanced ultra-light, emollient formula that delivers long lasting reflective sheen that instantly prevents moisture loss. Also silkens and polishes unruly texture when used with a flattening iron or blow dryer.

Deepshine is a super-light creme that is invisible on the hair and provides instantaneous natural sheen. Perfect for all hair types as it brings out natural highlights & revitalizes color-treated hair.

Next is the favorite tool of the Hittle is The GHD Glossy Hot Pink IV Styler
(and an instructional DVD)

Lacey owns one for herself and McKenzie and I use the one I have in my salon. But, I am in the process of saving for one to use exclusively in The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique
This is the kit I hope to buy soon

(Sorry guys, the Pink one is no longer available. They come out with new colors often and discontinue old ones as they go)

What it does:
The unique ceramic technology heats this iron up to its maximum temperature in seconds; locks in moisture, natural oils, and hair color for total hair protection; and creates the straightest, sleekest locks as well as fantastic curls, twists, and flicks. The ghd hot pink IV styler is equipped with advanced features such as improved temperature control to maintain heat during styling, a sleep mode, and universal voltage.

What else you need to know:
-Ghd styling irons are designed to curl, straighten, flick, and/or wave the hair.
-Ghd styling irons emit infrared heat and produce negative ions reducing static and creating shine by closing the cuticle.
-Ghd styling irons have floating blades for flexibility and smoothness.
-Ghd styling irons are equipped with built-in integrated circuits and platinum heating elements arranged in a mesh grid pattern which covers the entire aluminum plate; these features ensure a constant temperature throughout the styling process, without hot and cold spots.
-Ghd styling irons have a built-in micro-processor embedded into one blade—this monitors and regulates the temperature of the blades.

So, if you're interested in any of these great products or the GHD styler come see me
At The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique....I can help make the interest become a must needed product or tool for your every day beauty enhancement...and I guarantee you won't regret it!



Laceynicole2622 said...

Oh I really like that black one! It's nice!! :)

Carolyn said...

Hey, Miss Lacey!
((it's gorgeous)) the color and accessories!
I wish I had one in every color!

Deb@lil this~lil that said...

Thanks to you Miss Carolyn i use all 3 of these products...I had some crazy hair before using these...thick natural curly hair can drive you crazy at times...I tell everyone that i do exactly what you tell me to do to help my bad hair my purple GHD is a you know i have said that it is better than a man and...well you friends think that is so funny and they love using it...Thanks rock..;)