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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Barbara De Angelis

Hubby's Card To Me

Opened it up to see..aww, He's Proud of Me

My Card to Hubby
Inside of My Card To Hubby

It's Valentine's Day folks.  The Day set apart to express your love to your significant other/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend/(you fill in the title)  For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed this day. When I was a child I couldn't wait to give out my Valentine Cards to my classmates(and of course, receive them as well)  Then the days came when my boyfriends would treat me to dinners, movies, and even a few went as far as buying me diamonds. Hmmm, I remember one relationship not working out so well and my Valentine gift is still somewhere buried in the driveway at my childhood home in Arlington.(Arlington, IN that is)  I should contact the owners and let them know they have a hidden gem I've left behind...heartshaped at that, but I doubt they would appreciate me digging around in their driveway.(Yes, I've often thought of doing this...I'm nostalgic in nature and love to hang onto things of my would trill me to find it.(although, it would just sit in my jewelry armoire and collect dust) Nah, I'll just leave it to the Earth...the relationship is dead(actually, at most times back then it was anyway)...why resurrect something that has no meaning to me anymore.
Now that I'm married, over the years Valentines Day has been quite intriguing...and something I still look forward to every Feb. 14th. Years have gone by when I've received Roses with Teddy Bears attached to 'em...Diamonds and Chocolates...nights away to a romantic place of interest...or even nights spent at home with a warm cooked meal, rental movie, and a "Better Than Sex Cake" to go with it.(boy that title sure does live up to it's name, I'll say) But, what I have to say I look forward to the most nowadays are the cards we exchange to one another(as I've posted above)  I'm over the diamonds, flowers that die, and chocolates that make your teeth hurt(although I did get a tiny box again this year and I will treasure eating em with my afternoon coffee)...anyway, the written word via card form tickles my fancy and gives me something to look back on and keep in albums for later chit chat when we are old(er).  We do have a gift limit set($20 dollars)to exchange along with our cards.  I can't tell you what I've bought my hubby this year(and I won't be blogging about it either) but he's gone over the $ budget(with his time as well)on mine this year and I appreciate it dearly.  My Valentine gift was my computer(all tied up with ribbon/card/box of chocolates)being fixed(so I can blog and advertise and get off of his)and time spent together standing on a ladder and steaming off old border in my Backyard Beauty Shop while humming and trying to sing 80's songs until it's completely all off.  Now, this might now seem like a practical Valentines Day gift and most ladies might not appreciate such given thought but given our years of marriage(Compationate Love speaks volumes to me)and the "been there done that fancy smancy gifts" that I'm over with, and with being so busy lately(hence the card I got him) and stressing over getting my Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique completed, well...It was PERFECT for me.(not to mention the cute little card of reading how he is Proud of me ) 

So, friends...may you all have a wonderful "love day" and don't forget to express your love to your loved ones daily.  Valentines Day is fun and a great way to have fun with expressing your love...just make sure you do so everyday...Then you can experience "love day" every day!



Spiffy said...

what's buried in arlington and who's it from????????

Carolyn said...

I diamond ring...and it was from an old boyfriend I dated for 3 years. I got mad at him(for good reason, I remember)and threw the darn thing out into our driveway...stuffing it down deep into the gravel. My mother went out looking for it for hours...said "Never throw away a diamond"...well, that one I did.

Carolyn said...

I guess I DID get flowers, too this Valentine's Day(and a nice stiff Drink)...Look off to the right and just a bit below my Reading list...
Love ya Sista Beth and Her Hubby Mike!!

lil this~lil that said...

That is so funny Carolyn...leave it there!