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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Not Really About the Hair


"As you discover your real self, don't be scared to show that person to the people in your life. I don't just mean the new hairdo, I mean the inner discoveries, as well. Let your thoughts, your mistakes, and your moral compass be known more completely to the people you care about.  And maybe the people in your life will take their own lessons from your stories." ~Tabatha Coffey~

While I was getting ready to leave the house yesterday morning, the mailman dropped off the daily mail consisting of bills, junk mail, credit card apts and a package addressed to me containing Tabatha's book "It's Not Really About the Hair: An Outspoken Stylist's Smart Guide to Life".  I've been anxious to read this book after reading the reviews and visiting her website and on occasion watching her show.(if you know me, you know I don't watch alot TV) I ended up devouring this book the same day it reached my home via snail mail.  I loved it.  In the first chapter, "The Naked Truth", she starts off the first sentence saying she grew up in strip clubs...I'm hooked!  I've always been very interested in memoirs and in the last few years very intrigued by celebrity memoirs'. Who doesn't want to read about people who've made it big, yet have had suffering/odd circumstances to color it along the way?  You I read them, I'm learning they really are as normal as the next folk.  And Tabatha's has become one of my favorites.

At the end of each chapter Tabatha impliments a mini epilogue, so to speak, of what she wants you to take from that chapter.  I loved this...and it's also hilighted in black.(a favorite color of mine)  To me, Black is classic and never goes out of style.  It may mean absence of being able to reflect light but I never look at it that way and certainly not with Tabatha and her memoir. This book is truly inspirational...hardcore style.  I like that...I like forthright women who can say what they mean and mean what they say.

I have to say, if I'm ever labeled a "Bitch"...I will wear it proudly.  I believe in Tabatha's take and meaning of the title...a meaning I will teach my I've been teaching myself over the years.

B BraveryI IntellegenceT TenacityC CreativityH Honesty

You do not have to be a Hairstylist to enjoy this memoir or take something from it.  I did relate quite a bit to her style and her love for the business...and by reading "It's Not Really About the Hair", I have come away feeling even more empowered to keep doing what I love and what I feel I'm called to do...Enhance
others' outer beauty and hopefully help bring out their inner beauty~their authentic self.

"Authenticity is the most attractive quality a person can have.  It's great when someone's appearance is an accurate reflection of who he or she is on the inside.  However, authenticity is not only about looks. In a world where some people will yes you to death and be nice to your face while talking shit behind your back, it's also about meaning what you say, saying what you mean, and being comfortable with who you are.
 Posers and phonies need not apply
." ~Tabatha Coffey(taken from first chapter page 18)

Friends, family, clients...anyone looking for a NO HOLDS BARRED type of read, pick this up today at my Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique...and learn more about Tabatha's authentic self.  And possibly create/enhance/bring new meaning to your own.

"Writing, whether it's a book or a diary or a letter, is a great way to look inside yourself and transform yourself--even before you sit down in the salon chair. And the more you know yourself and learn about yourself, the bigger the transformation you can have in that salon chair. Because when you know who you are on the inside, you can reflect that on the outside." ~Tabatha Coffey(taken from epiloge titled "So Why Did I Write This Book Anyway?"~page 208)

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