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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flashback Friday~P.E. Addition

                                                            Hello Peeps
                                                          It's FRIDAY
                                              ((FLASHBACK FRIDAY))
                                                Physical Education addition

                                                 Mocha With Linda
Typically, I chose my own topic of experiences from back in the precious days of my favorite era, the 80's...but today I'm going to focus on Mocha With Linda's Flashback Friday questions...and answer as best as possible.

Was physical fitness a focus in school when you were growing up?

Yes...and I'm glad.  I can remember my gym teacher~Mr. Lyttle~I thought he was so cute.
Below is an award from 6th grade for P.E....I've saved quite a bit of awards/pics/memorabilia from my elementary school years.

Did you have P.E. in elementary school or just recess? 

Guess I answered that already...but, YES we had P. E. in elementary...we also had recess.

Was recess organized games or just free playtime?

Free time...but we did play dodgeball and I loved playing on the Witches Hat
this is exactly how it looked, too....PACKED full of kids...but we stood up and got the thing rolling something crazy!!

What are your memories of P.E. in junior high/middle school and high school?

Hmm, I don't remember much of junior high P. E, except the "dreaded taking a shower" afterwards.  Hated that...below is a picture of that dreaded girls P. E. locker room today...but the memories of those days are Ohhh so precious to me now

                                                             Girls Locker Room
          The Arlington Gym floor where we had P. E. class for elementary and junior high

This is Arlington Elementary/Junior High least it used to's in the process of being demolished.  Very Sad for my Family...All of my siblings AND my Mother and Uncle went to this school.  My mother and uncle Graduated here in 1954, back when it was a High School...back when all the local small town Counties all had their Own High Schools.  My father was a janitor here, too...this is where he met My mother and feel in love with her. She became Pregnant with their first son, my oldest brother Gary, during her Senior Year...He is standing in the picture admiring our great Arlington School and remembering fond memories of this precious place we all so loved...and still love.

I took P.E. during summer school before my freshman year to get the high school requirements out of the way during freshman school year...umm, those memories are jaded.lolol

What did your "gym suits" or "dress out" clothes look like?  Just your typical 80's style shorts and a t-shirt and Nike gym shoes...

Minus the leg warmers....although I did sport this look a time or two while pretending to be Olivia Newton John.  Loved Her!


Was P.E. a favorite or dreaded subject?  absolutely NOT...I enjoyed P.E.

 Did your school do the Presidential Physical Fitness Program? Don't remember that program...did they even have it back in the 1980's??

How did you do with that?   n/a 

Did you take the minimum amount of P.E. required or did you take more?
We all took what was required of us during elementary and junior high P. E....depended on your schedule for high school

Well, that's it for flashback friday...thanks for reading and we'll take a walk down memory lane again next week.
Have a Great Day!


Rumtruffle said...

Just hopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend x

Mocha with Linda said...

Glad to know someone out there enjoyed P.E.! Thanks for participating!

Kathy said...

I always wondered if anyone ever enjoyed PE--now I know :)

bekahcubed said...

But you didn't wear leg warmers to gym class? Honestly? I'm so disappointed. :-)

Sounds like the late seventies or eighties might've been the transition from bloomer suit uniforms to "normal" clothes for gym class.

Deb@lil this~lil that said...

I will have to say that P.E. was not a favotite of mine but dodgeball was great...I would love to play that today if i could keep High P.e. I thought was a little much...the showers were very much dreaded by everyone...a small towel to try and cover as much as we possibly could...geeez...and i'm sure it doesn't bother the girls as much these days..hahaha, just my thought!!!