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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please Show Me Some Love by Clicking "LIKE"

Hello Friends, Fellow bloggers, Clients, Family

I need YOUR help
(On March 16th)

I'm a BIG 80's fan
(as if you didn't already know this)
and I'm trying to WIN
tickets(VIP at that)
to see

In Indy
So what I need you to do
is go to
                                      NUVO Facebook Page
                                           and click on their
                                photo's(photo's of other)
                                         and find
                        the 2 pics I've posted below
                             All you have to do is "like" the photo's
 Appreciate the Help and I'll let ya know if all our hard work paid off!

                                      Rock Of Ages Video Preview      

I appreciate the love folks!
And Don't forget to Vote ON MARCH 16th via facebook
I will send a reminder blog the day before...

1 comment:

Deb@lil this~lil that said...

Love the pics...Love the big hair, I miss those days...You have always had the perfect hair...lots of it...You Rock for sure girl...Can't wait to vote...Love my new dew too girl...Hugs!