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Sunday, March 13, 2011

In My Mailbox

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Hello Peeps...

Welcome to my first post of

(and I want to add another sentence)


Today I had to run to the city(Indianapolis)to take my daughter shopping for band concert clothes. It was a good shopping day. We went to 1 store and found what we were looking for for under $200.00.  Yee haw mom says...I say this because every shopping trip that happens these days seem to get more and more expensive.   Here's what we found:

She decided against this skirt, I LOVED it

She decided to get this outfit...Do LOVE it...

                                                            And this blouse

So after our hour and a half in Kohl's, my daughter McKenzie says..."Mom, I'd like to have a cappuccino...let's stop at Barnes and Noble."  "Aww, YES" I said.  She read my mind(well, partially anyway)...I was thinking of getting my fix of the best smelling bookstore in the world before I drove the 45 minutes toward home.  But, my fix consists of browsing and smelling that great bookstore and going home with a new read or two...NOT a cappuccino.  As we drove over to B & N parking lot, I asked again what she wanted to drink.  A hot chocolate!!  I agreed with that answer...we parked and walked in.  I always get a rush when I walk into that bookstore. Not only does the scent of new books make me gleem with excitement, I also enjoy the peace of just browsing tons and tons of books sitting on a shelf waiting to go home to the next book lover...waiting to be devoured. 

Below is what I decided to go home with
(they are also on my Goodreads "to-read" list)

Heaven Is For Real~Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Inside Of A Dog...What Dogs See, Smell, and Know~Alexandra Horowitz

I'm anxious to read both...

The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique wants to know...
Did you stop at your favorite smelling bookstore over the weekend?  Pick up a great read at your local Library?  Did a friend drop off a box of books?  That reminds me...I have had friends drop off quite a bit of books for my shop over the past few months...but it would take me forever to list all the treasures I've aquired since I've started my instead of me spending time listing books I have available why don't you come on in and check me out...You won't be disappointed...I've got all kinds of genres...paperback, hardback...I'm most certain you'll find something you like.

Oh, and Hey....What's In YOUR Mailbox??


Deb Chitwood said...

I like your new purchases! I love bookstores, too! Barnes & Noble and Borders are two of my husband's and my favorite places to visit. We were at Borders this past week! Deb @

Pamela Kaye said...

You have some good reads there. Hope you enjoy!

Between the Bookcovers

Ms. Dawn said...

OMG!! I guess I haven't seen her or a picture of her in AGES because McKenzie looks SO OLD!! As in, grown up and mature, not gray, flabby and me. ;-)

Carolyn said...

Deb, some of our Borders are going out of business...

Pamela, I'm already reading Heaven is Real...and LOVING it!

I know Dawn...she has matured quite a bit over the past year. SIGH!