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Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet Me On Monday


1.  Do you have a fireplace in your home? of my favorite spots in my home.  Love to have it burning during the winter months..just sit by the fire and read...snuggle with my favorite blanket/jammies on. 
I used to love sitting by our fireplace at my home I grew up in as a child.  It was a wood burning fireplace...I can still remember the smell.  I would help my Dad cut wood, too.  That was a chore...but, I'm so thankful I did as a child...the memories are sweet of him and I....doing a man's job together...I was always doing something "manly" back in those days.  Anyway, I would wonder around the wooded area Dad decided to cut wook at and pick up sticks and poke at odd looking things in the ground.  Yeah, that was fun...I will say the hard part(and the part I did not like) was ricking the wood.  WOW, that built your muscles. But after I was done helping Dad, I would make me a nice big mug of hot, it made it all worth it.(I think) 
Yeah, I love my fireplace now...even though I just flip a switch and it's instant fire, it still gives me warm fuzzy's. 

2.  Can you drive a stick shift?
     Ummm, yeah...and I have not the space to tell all about my first experience of trying to learn to drive a stick in High School.  In a nut shell, I ignorantly accepted a challenge to learn on Main St. in Rushville...only to kill it half a dozen times, and be yelled at and laughed at.  Yeah, that boyfriend and I didn't make it long after that...I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't just leave the stick shift truck AND his butt on Main St that day.....

3.  How many computers are in your home?
         You want my "honest" opinion??  Too Many!
 Yea, I'd miss my laptop convenience if I allowed it to stay broke like it was for over a year...but, really...we have way to many.  My son owns a's in his room...but he has to bring it to the kitchen to receive wireless internet.  I have a laptop that's mainly in my beauty/book boutique but ends up in my kitchen in the mornings so I can cook/drink coffee/blog/and read email..etc.  I have a desktop in my garage for bills.  And my husband has one in his office. 
    this is my OLD laptop...

4.  Are your taxes done yet?  Do you do them yourself?, not done...and don't wanna even think about it...Do you think We, self employed persons will get a return?  Another why be in a hurry.
No, we have a tax man...he's great. 

5.  What is your favorite meal of the day?
      Breakfast.  Why? 
   1) it's easy to fix.
   2) it consist's of coffee
yeah...I hate to cook!  Now grilling out I don't mind...but indoor cooking...BLAH.  (also, I'd probably change my answer if I had a man in the house who loved to cook)

So, there you have it.  Another Meet Me On Monday post...and as always, all email subscribers get to read about me on Tuesday..
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mostraum said...

Well, late or not, it's still Monday somewhere on Earth :-)

Lorie - The Midlife Housewife said...

Very cute blog. I look forward to reading more. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my place.

Carolyn said...

True, Mostraum...thanks for poppin over.

Thank You Lori, beware, you'll never know what I'll post next(but don't worry, sure to bless or give you a chuckle)

Hilary said...

Hi! I am visiting from meet me on Monday - although a little late...

I have a fireplace and I love it. Although I am a CPA I don’t do my taxes, but I do friends and family’s returns

I host a weekly “fill in” blog hop – every Friday…. If you can, please check it out…

Carolyn said...

Hello Hilary! thanks for poppin your blog title! i love the beach/ocean

bp said...

Nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will look forward to visiting tomorrow for Flahsback Friday!

We have a fire place in our new home, I've never had a house with one before. I look forward to using it in future winters.

Wall-to-wall books said...

OHHHHH YAAAYYY! I hate to cook too!!!!!!!! I am a GREAT cook. But I hate it, it is a chore for me, right up there with laundry.
2 points for the sistahs!