Monday, March 21, 2011

The Pregnancy Care Center Life Walk~2011 Life Walk

Life Walk Video

Hello Fellow Bloggers/Friends/Family/Clients...

I'm am asking for your support in a program I am involved in called 
The Pregnancy Care Center Life Walk.

The Pregnancy Care Center's 5K for Life Run/Walk gives everyone the opportunity to help provide loving, practical help to those faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The mission of this ministry is to offer help & hope to those facing such a fearful time in their lives through parenting, life skills, and fathering classes; material assistance for mother & baby; and mentoring. By asking your friends, family, and co-workers to provide sponsorships we can continue to offer the following services...FREE * On-site Pregnancy Tests * Information about Pregnancy, Abortion Risks, and Adoption * Prenatal, Parenting & Life Skills Classes * Father's Program * Public School Abstinence Education * 24-Hour Hot-line * STD Information and Abstinence Counseling * Assistance with Maternity and Baby Needs * Referrals for Medical Services, Maternity Homes, and * Adoption Services * On-going Peer Mentoring
Please Visit my Personal WebPage for detail on How you Can Help...
Thank You And Blessings
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Have A Blessed Day!

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