Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Spring Break Week

Pictures Of Spring

It's Spring Break in Rushville IN. I'm thrilled. It's that much closer to Summer...and that means it's closer to the Upgrade to our backyard to prepare for The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique Grand Opening.(date not set, but sometime in the summer) Yesterday My hubby and I had to run to Menards for upgrade supplies for one of our apartments. During that trip I took a little bit of time to browse the Lawn and Garden section. I just can not wait to redo the little section I've claimed in our home(the backyard)

So, to prepare a bit, this Spring Break week I will be picking up sticks and cleaning out the landscaping...but then enjoying a few days at the end of the week with the family at a nearby Holidome for some much needed R&R.  Also I am making changes this week to my work schedule(work load)...very anxious for this change.

Hope everyone is starting their Spring off with Excitement and Anticipation as I am and May you all be blessed this week!

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