Thursday, February 17, 2011

FLASHBACK Friday~80's Big Hair Addition

            Hello Ladies/Gents and fellow 80's lovers...
           It's FRIDAY...and you know what that means
        Today I'm sharing a few hairstyles from my Senior Year
             And a few more up until last year
       Hold onto your legwarmers...and go ahead and chuckle
                  I still think my 80's styles are cool
                     WOW, look at those Bangs!
           Below is a "How To" Video to Help you
              Achieve The "Mall Bangs" Look

          Prom Style~Remember the Side Pony??
                    Little Miss Attitude, What a Mean Stare
                      I was into the Perm with Side Wings
Wanna Re-live and look over
                                        More 80's Hairstyles?
Click here to read more about 'em
and how they are BACK!
Gotta love it!!

Check out this Family
Now they sure do know how to Rock Out
80's Hair
(Poor Kid)
             In 1994 I still Liked Big Bangs
        My Mom, Me, Melissa and her Mom
        Even During Beauty School         
               I kept my Hair Big
                      See Below
      Of course, A girl never comes out of Beauty School
          With Long hair you can see below
                           (but it's still BIG)
        Even Today, I still like to Support my 80's Hair Habit
     And Pull out my 80's Attire and Have a Good Time
                                (Pic taken 2010)
                So, if you're feeling a little
  gnarly and would like to Rock Out a New Bangin' Do
 Come See Me at The Backyard Beauty and Book Boutique
            where you can Chill Out and let me
          Whip out an 80's Hairdo for you

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Lorri said...

That brought a smile to my day! Thanks for sharing!!!

Spiffy said...

love the rats nest vid! that was cracking me up.

i have always wondered: how does your tiny lil head and neck support all that fabulous hair????

Rochelle said...

oh the 80's bangs and "wings". is there anyone that didn't have Rave? Loved this Carolyn!

Carolyn said...

spiffy, i must have had a GREAT neck! lololol

Rochelle, Or my fav back then...AQUA NET!!

lil this~lil that said...

Love the 80's Flashbacks!
I miss the big hair
Love love this!
This is so you, Thanks!